Our team of professional technicians will work to keep your ride like it just arrived. Our services include Ride Maintenance, Ride Diagnostics & Ride Renewal.


Our off-the shelf solutions can generally be delivered much faster and more cost effectively than a custom designed product. We can be retained to offer a professional opinion on the safety or reliability of a ride or from a commercial viewpoint for a customer prior to the purchase.


We can assist with all your installation, modification and major overhaul projects. Utilising our extensive portfolio of leisure industry professionals, we can provide a knowledgeable and experienced multi skilled, cost effective projects team.


We are just not in the business of rides & attractions. We are in the business of selling happiness. Your staff are the ambassadors of this happiness and your customers will experience your operation through their interactions with your crew

Electronic Security Systems

Amusement Consultants provides industry leading electronic security solutions. We provide a detail- oriented survey on client sites and propose a fool proof plan for by implementing electronic security solutions. Our range of electronic security solutions are not only from the leading vendors from across the world but are implemented keeping in mind that the equipment will remain operational in harshest of environments. In general, the electronic security systems are used to secure entry/exit points and the perimeter of any facility.
Our range of products include but are not limited to:

  • Electronic Fencing
  • Active/Passive Infrared Walls
  • Manual / Electronic Hydraulic Bollard Systems
  • Electronic Gates
  • Electronic Road Blockers
  • Biometric/RFID Access Control with Door Locks
  • Walkthrough Metal Detectors
  • Handheld Metal Detectors
  • Explosive Detection

Electronic Surveillance Systems

With an increasing threat of terrorist and arson activities surveillance systems have become a necessity for every organization and household. Electronic Surveillance Systems are also being used by many businesses to keep a check on their employees and their activities to ensure productivity is not affected in the absence of higher management. For industries it is important to keep a keen eye on the production line to ensure quality end product to their customers.

Electronic Surveillance Systems are commonly perceived as CCTV and IPCCTV solutions. Sublime Enterprises has partnered with industry leading CCTV/IPCCTV vendors to provide quality surveillance solutions to our customers. CCTV/IPCCTV solutions not only deter criminal activities but also assist in forensic analysis after any crime or arson has been committed, this not only helps to identify the culprits but also assists the security teams to identify the potential loop holes and rectify them for future. All our systems deployed can be monitored remotely and alerts can be generated for specific events via Internet/Email or SMS.

Our range of Electronic Surveillance Systems also includes a complete range of Burglar Alarm System, with the implementation of motion sensors, PIR sensors, door contacts and vibration sensors we deploy a solution which is bound to alert the authorities and the entire neighborhood if any intruder has attempted to or succeeded in breaking in your premises. With our IP based solution, you can also receive real-time alerts and status of your burglar alarm system via SMS or over the Internet.

Our team at Amusement Consultants is known for delivering the best marketing campaigns with vigorous work at the backend. Our team works tirelessly to provide new content every day and keeps a follow up with the clients. The marketing activities include the concepts, creative content writing, design and execution of the following:

  • Billboards
  • Print Advertisements
  • Mall Activations and Signage
  • New Ride Launches
  • Social Media Marketing designs and handling
  • School Marketing Campaign for parks
  • Birthday Marketing Campaign for parks